Category: Mental health

How to Treat Acne Correctly Medically
Knowing how to treat acne correctly according to medical recommendations will determine how quickly you will be free from acne. Mistakes in how to treat acne can cause the face to be full of pus, boils, blemishes or pockmarks and even serious infections that require hospital treatment. For this reason, treating acne cannot be done […]
You Have to Know the Impact of Washing Your Hair Every Day, It's Not Always Good
Hair is the crown of the head, so the health and cleanliness of hair must always be maintained by washing it regularly. Because hair produces sebum and oil every day. Sebum is natural fat from glands in the skin which is useful for keeping hair and scalp moist. But, is washing your hair every day […]
Brain Tumors: Complete Explanation and Treatment Solutions
What is a brain tumor? A brain tumor is the growth of abnormal cells in the brain or surrounding tissue. The brain is a complex organ that controls all body functions, and abnormal growth of this organ can cause a variety of symptoms and complications. Some brain tumors that originate from the brain tissue itself […]
Easy Ways to Prevent Diabetes Mellitus
Dharma Wanita Association of Yogyakarta State University (DWP UNY) on Saturday (9/4) held a National Seminar with the theme “HEALTH EDUCATION TOWARDS HEALTHY UNY AND ALUMNI WITHOUT MEDICATIONS FREE FROM DIABETES MELLITUS” at the Main Meeting Room of the UNY Rectorate. Present offline was Professor Sumaryanto (UNY Chancellor) along with the Vice Chancellors, Deans and […]
The final stage indicates that your cancer has spread to other organs. When you are in this position, the hope of being free from cancer becomes increasingly small. However, doctors still try to provide therapy to give you a better quality of life. The treatment undertaken also varies depending on the type of cancer. Things […]
Preventing Cervical Cancer from a Young Age
Preventing Cervical Cancer from a Young Age (JAKARTA) — The Ministry of Health is expanding the provision of human papillomavirus (HPV) immunization nationally with the aim of reducing morbidity and mortality due to cervical cancer from an early age. The launch was carried out on Wednesday, August 9 2023, at SDN 8 Tondano, North Minahasa, […]
Recognizing Stress In general, stress is pressure within an individual. Stress occurs when individuals experience an imbalance or failure to meet their needs. Stress is caused by factors originating from within and outside the individual. The gap between expectations and reality creates conflict within the individual, so that the individual experiences stress. Some causes of […]
10 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Liver, Let's Start Now!
Do you know? The liver is a vital organ that should be protected. Although it is often forgotten, the liver is the largest solid organ in the body. Keeping your heart in top condition is important. If the liver is disturbed, one of the symptoms that is felt is pain. So, how do you maintain […]
To Stay Healthy, Here's How to Maintain a Healthy Heart
The heart is a vital organ whose function affects all other body organs. The heart functions to pump blood throughout the body. Meanwhile, blood is responsible for carrying nutrients to every organ in the body. If the condition of the heart and blood is disturbed, all the body’s organs will also experience bad effects. This […]
GERD Symptoms Called Chronic Gastric Acid, What Should Be Avoided?
GERD Symptoms Called Chronic Gastric Acid, What Should Be Avoided? – Symptoms that usually occur when stomach acid rises are a sour or bitter taste in the mouth and a stinging or burning sensation in the chest and solar plexus . These two symptoms usually get worse when the sufferer bends over, lies down, […]

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