This is the danger if you take medication that does not match the dosage
This is the danger if you take medication that does not match the dosage – , Jakarta – Taking medication is a way that can be used as a treatment step to overcome health problems. Medication consumption must be carried out in accordance with the instructions and directions of the doctor conducting the examination. Complying with […]
Various Effects That Emerge from Drug Use
Narcotics, which stands for Narcotics, Psychotropics and other dangerous addictive substances, are materials/substances which, if entered into the human body, either orally/drinking, inhaling, or injecting, can change a person’s thoughts, mood or feelings, and behavior. Drugs have very strong addictive power, tolerance power and habitual power, which causes drug users to be unable to escape […]
Horrifying! These are the long-term health effects of drinking alcohol
Jakarta, Indonesia – Excessive consumption of alcohol has many bad effects on health, especially if it continues to be consumed in the long term. Someone who consumes excess alcohol can be at risk of experiencing a number of health problems, such as damage to vital organs, dehydration, and decreased brain function and even death. […]
Is Bloody Defecation Dangerous? Get to Know the Cause!
Is bloody defecation dangerous? These concerns must have arisen in the heads of Sahabat Persada. Defecation accompanied by blood is indeed a worrying thing. This condition can occur due to several causes. Starting from normal to abnormal. Get to know completely the causes of blood in the feces and the steps that Friends of Persada […]
Medan -The lungs are an important, irreplaceable organ in the body, so they must be looked after. One way to maintain lung health is by living a healthy lifestyle. To maintain lung health, don’t delay, detikers. Below detikSumut presents ways to prevent lung health as reported on the official website of the Indonesian Ministry of […]
Various Ways of Transmission of the Corona Virus – The corona virus pandemic is not over yet. In fact, new cases confirmed positive in a number of countries are still increasing. Most recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledged that the virus can spread through the air. This is also supported by research by hundreds of experts from dozens of countries. Transmission […]
How to Treat Acne Correctly Medically
Knowing how to treat acne correctly according to medical recommendations will determine how quickly you will be free from acne. Mistakes in how to treat acne can cause the face to be full of pus, boils, blemishes or pockmarks and even serious infections that require hospital treatment. For this reason, treating acne cannot be done […]
You Have to Know the Impact of Washing Your Hair Every Day, It's Not Always Good
Hair is the crown of the head, so the health and cleanliness of hair must always be maintained by washing it regularly. Because hair produces sebum and oil every day. Sebum is natural fat from glands in the skin which is useful for keeping hair and scalp moist. But, is washing your hair every day […]
Brain Tumors: Complete Explanation and Treatment Solutions
What is a brain tumor? A brain tumor is the growth of abnormal cells in the brain or surrounding tissue. The brain is a complex organ that controls all body functions, and abnormal growth of this organ can cause a variety of symptoms and complications. Some brain tumors that originate from the brain tissue itself […]
Easy Ways to Prevent Diabetes Mellitus
Dharma Wanita Association of Yogyakarta State University (DWP UNY) on Saturday (9/4) held a National Seminar with the theme “HEALTH EDUCATION TOWARDS HEALTHY UNY AND ALUMNI WITHOUT MEDICATIONS FREE FROM DIABETES MELLITUS” at the Main Meeting Room of the UNY Rectorate. Present offline was Professor Sumaryanto (UNY Chancellor) along with the Vice Chancellors, Deans and […]

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