The Importance of Maintaining Eye Health from an Early Age

The Importance of Maintaining Eye Health from an Early Age

The eyes are one of the most important organs for humans. This organ is useful for seeing, so eye health must be guaranteed.

Why is maintaining eye health from an early age so important?

Maintaining eye health from an early age is a necessity that almost everyone must fulfill. This aims to prevent vision problems that are dangerous for the eyes in the future. Moreover, eyes are the most beautiful gift.

Alternatives to maintaining eye health from an early age help you to detect eye disease. That way, a person will avoid various kinds of vision problems such as nearsightedness, cataracts, and astigmatism.

To promote eye health, a person can apply various methods. This method can be done at home or with help from medical personnel. Examination with medical personnel ensures eye health.

How to Maintain Eye Health from an Early Age

The previous explanation mentioned that maintaining eye health can be done at home. This method can actually be started by implementing several small steps. Here’s how to maintain eye health from an early age:

1. Providing eye nutrition.

The first way that can be implemented to maintain eye health from an early age is by consuming nutritious foods. Okewla The nutrition given to the eyes usually comes from foods with high antioxidant content such as vitamins C, A and E.

Food with high antioxidant content is usually found in fruits such as apples and oranges. By seeking these nutrients, children’s eyes tend to be healthier and have sharper vision.

2. Checking Your Eyes

Routinely checking your eyes from an early age makes your vision safer from various disturbing factors. Not a few parents will carry out examinations of their children from infancy. This is done by utilizing the services of medical personnel.

By detecting eye problems early, medical personnel can immediately take action. If there is a problem with eye health, a doctor will usually take a number of alternatives to provide healing for the patient.

3. Fulfilling Fluid Needs:

Children and the elderly need water to fulfill fluid needs in the body. Drinking water can be used as an alternative to prevent eye health problems from an early age. This prevention can be implemented by people from an early age.

Lack of fluids in the body has the potential to cause various health problems. One of the effects of lack of fluids is dry and itchy eyes. Therefore, you can get used to drinking water according to your body’s needs.

4. Recognize the Symptoms of Decreased Eye Performance

One must recognize the symptoms of decreased vision in children. By understanding the symptoms of eye decline, various vision problems can be easily detected early.

Decreased eye performance in children is usually easy to predict because their accuracy begins to decrease. You can only find out about the health problems you are experiencing after getting a diagnosis from a doctor.

5. Early Detection

To find out what is decreasing eye health, a person is recommended to carry out early detection. okewla Early detection can be achieved by applying the “seeing” method. This method requires you to look at objects at a certain distance.

Pay attention to the object to determine the condition of vision. If the object looks normal then there is most likely no eye health problem. However, when the object looks blurry, blurry, or slanted, you must see a doctor.

6. Reduce staring at the screen.

Someone must limit the time they spend looking at the screen, both TV and cell phone. This is because the screen contains blue light which can cause eye health problems. By limiting the time you play with gadgets, your eyes will be healthier.

You can also wear anti-radiation glasses when playing with gadgets or watching TV. This method aims to reduce the effects of blue light produced by TV screens and gadgets. This alternative also applies to adults.

7. Use the Screen Protector Feature

The pandemic means children have to study at home and many jobs apply the WFH system . Of course, this must be pursued with various strategies so that online performance activities continue to run smoothly.

Quoted from the Ministry of Health’s pocket book, using protective glass on the screen can make using the device more useful. In fact, this has been explained by the Ministry of Health in the tips for using devices using the 20:20:20 method.

8. Apply the 20:20:20 Method

According to the previous explanation, the Ministry of Health has a pocket book which is useful as a guide for playing gadgets. This method is done with the aim of maintaining eye health from an early age. One of these methods is to maintain humidity.

Maintaining moisture in the eyes is done by blinking every 20 times per minute. The aim of blinking 20 times per minute is to keep the eyes moist so they don’t feel sore or tired.

9. Refreshing in an Open Room

Maintaining eye health can be done by refreshing in an open room. This method helps the eyes to rest so they don’t get tired. This alternative also includes suggestions from the pocket book of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.

For people who work in front of a screen continuously, this method is very suitable to apply. This alternative helps you to keep your eyes moist so they don’t dry out, especially if you are in a fully AC room.

10. Check for Risky Diseases

Since childhood, a person must get an overall health check. This aims to detect if there are risky diseases originating from genetic factors. Moreover, there are diseases that trigger eye problems.

One disease that has the potential to cause eye okewla problems is diabetes. Therefore, people with this disease factor must get regular checks.

Maintaining eye health from childhood is very important. This is because the eyes are part of the sense of sight and are a gift from God. The most effective way to maintain eye health is by carrying out regular examinations.

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