Ginger or ginger root is considered to be drunk as a natural, soothing drink. But did you know? Drinking 4 glasses of ginger a day for 5 days can facilitate menstruation. This function is what makes ginger considered a food to prevent pregnancy.


The enzyme content called papain in papaya is believed to suppress progesterone, thereby reducing the chance of getting pregnant after sexual intercourse. For this, the papaya eaten must be papaya that is not yet fully ripe.


Wow… Maybe some of you have often heard the assumption that pineapple is correlated with pregnancy. In fact, pineapple is one of the fruits that many people believe is a food that prevents pregnancy.


Do you like eating this fruit? This fruit, which tastes similar to lychees, is a food that prevents pregnancy. Apricots can be consumed after intercourse to prevent pregnancy. However, the benefits of this fruit will not work if fertilization has occurred.


This pregnancy-preventing food is believed to prevent pregnancy. The reason is, cinnamon has the potential to stimulate uterine contractions and can facilitate breast milk so that it can be effective in preventing pregnancy

Wild yam

This food is also considered a food that prevents pregnancy which is quite reliable. The progesterone content in sweet potatoes is believed to increase hormones which are very important in pregnancy. FYI, consuming high doses of sweet potatoes can prevent ovulation.

These foods are foods that prevent pregnancy as a way to delay having a baby. Of the various foods that have been mentioned, you can maximize them by using contraceptives such as condoms so that your desired plans can run smoothly.